The following MLB Coaches and Players play an instrumental role in the philosophy and training involed with the Pelicans Program. We thank them for their off-season visits, and for their help in designing the top player development program in amatuer baseball.

"Gregg Zaun"

Gregg Zaun 15 Year MLB Catcher








Gregg played 15 years in the Major Leagues as a switch hitting catcher, and was a member of the 1997 World Series Champions Florida Marlins.  He recently retired and took a broadcasting  job with Rogers Center to be a play by play commentator for the Toronto Blue Jays.  He is the nephew of former Major League Catcher Rick Dempsey, and is known for his vast knowledge of the game.


Yankee’s Coordinator Torre Tyson





Torre Tyson has been a player, hitting coach, minor league manager, and is now currently an infield coordinator with the New York Yankees Organization.  He has spent his last 5 off-seasons assisting Major League All-Star Albert Pujols in his off-season hitting regimen, and frequently travels to Northern Ohio to work with area players on all fundamentals of the game.  Torre’s hitting philosophy is one that Pelican’s Director Neall French became very familiar with while he played for Torre in the Yankees Organization, and is now instilled in the Pelican Player’s through their off-season hitting program.

Cleveland Indians Dr. Mark Schickendantz






Dr. Mark Schickendantz is the team doctor for both the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns, as well provides preferred scheduling and services to players within the Pelican’s Organization.  He also consults with a the organization on throwing programs, as well as arm care protocol for pitchers and position players.


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