“Athlete development is a complex equation of psychological, physical, and skill enhancement. Understanding the components of performance is essential to athlete development. From flexibility to dynamic strength training, integrating each component develops the athlete as one controlled, explosive, functional unit, leading to enhanced performance in sport.”

 Midwest Pelican’s Director of Performance

Kris Lewandoski CPT, NFPT


Kris has more than 12 years experience in helping enhance productivity and performance in athletes and teams. After receiving a degree in Exercise Science from John Carroll University and playing varsity football for the Blue Streaks, Kris spent time with the Cleveland Indians Strength Department under Fernando Montes.

In 1998, he founded Optimum Fitness Systems (now known as Sport Performance Institute – SPi) providing consultation and instruction to athletes and teams at the high school, collegiate, and professional level. Through SPi Kris established the term GameSpede, which is now used in high level training services such as AOE (soccer) and at the collegiate level with Navigator ( Kris is also the Director of Force Performance, where he manages a staff of world class trainers in implementing training programs for high level athletes and teams.  Specializing in athlete development, Kris trains various athletes which include Jim Thome, Joe Inglett, 4x WPSL All-Star Amy Kyler, professional strongmen, minor league players, and elite soccer players.



  “My standard for selecting the Performance Director for the organization is very high, and having a background in athlete development, I always ask myself if I would train with this individual when preparing for a professional season?  Kris is someone who I would not only train with, but would seek out to train with.  He has an extreme passion and knowledge for developing athletes, and has trained hall of fame level players at the major league level.”

 Midwest Pelican’s President 

Neall French 


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